8 Tips for Minimalist Bathroom Design – 8 Tips for Minimalist Bathroom Design, Generally, bathroom is equipped with tub bathroom patent rectangular to hold water. There are also only use the shower and utilize a bucket to hold water while bathing or waste water. But you know what? There is an option to create an atmosphere bathroom into a cozy and fun in addition to building the outdoor bathrooms? By using bath minimalist shape is not always rectangular course.

Here Are Tips for Minimalist Bathroom Design :

If you’re planning to put the bathtub other than usual in your house, here Hipwee Tips present some design inspiration the tub that is functional and decorative. ” Tips for Minimalist Bathroom Design “

Plastic Bathtub

” Tips for Minimalist Bathroom Design ” Bathtub types of plastic could be the ideal option to minimize the budget. Instead of choosing which shape is perfectly round, prioritize somewhat oval to display different

Wooden Bathtub

Right in the baths of warm water Japanese style bath tub wood like this you could also apply it to your bathroom themed rustic

Ceramic Bathtub

Bath with material terrazzo or similar like marble as this give the effect of luxury in the bathroom

Leaf Decoration Bathtub

If the size of your bathroom is quite spacious, use the bathroom tub diameter wide and rather soars to the top. Add foliage artificial for decoration

Clay Bathtub

It’s not just pottery that can be made from clay, whirlpool bathrooms can. Red brick with ornate reliefs that fresh make your bathroom appear attractive

Natural Stone Bath

If you want to experience the bathroom with a natural style and fresh, use a bath made of natural stone, complement components bathroom which is also made of stone-rocks

Marble Bathtub

Do not hesitate to choose a bathtub ceramic with decor that is complete with cover wood. Whenever leaving the house in a long time, staying just close the tub

Lean Bathtub

a bathtub that is the model lean like this is also not less kece to complement and beautify your bathroom. Plus give more space and not make the narrow

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