7 Tips Eliminate Eye Bags With Natural Materials

7 Tips Eliminate Eye Bags With Natural Materials – 7 Tips Eliminate Eye Bags With Natural Materials, Not all eye bags appear because of friets staying up late. In some people, eye bags can occur because of lack of vitamins, anemia, or indeed hereditary factors. How to get rid of eye bags may quickly be practiced if the cause is staying up late. But it will be more difficult to deal with eye bags if it turns out it is born or arises because of genetic factors. Although it is not risky, the presence of eye bags can interfere with appearance and reduce self-confidence too. ” Tips Eliminate Eye Bags “

7 Tips Eliminate Eye Bags With Natural Materials :

Instead of covering the eye bags with make-up, it’s better if it’s removed slowly by doing routine maintenance. In addition to using eye bags, you also need to practice how to remove eye bags naturally below. ” Tips Eliminate Eye Bags ” The result is indeed instant, but if it is routine and painstaking, it will gradually be disguised. Here are seven ways that are worth trying.


Vitamin and water content in cucumber can make the eye bags look fresher. The astringent nature is able to launch blood circulation in the surface of the skin around the eyes. How to remove eye bags naturally using cucumber is not too difficult. Simply put a cucumber slice for 30 minutes and do a routine at least three times a week. ” Tips Eliminate Eye Bags ”


Ice cubes are not only effectively used shortly after crying just, but also function to remove eye bags naturally. Eye bags because even genetic factors can be handled. Cold sensation ice cubes can control inflammation due to excessive activity or pressure on the plantar fascia (network).

Just place a few pieces of ice cubes into a small towel, then compress it to the sac. ” Tips Eliminate Eye Bags ” Do it for 15 minutes so that the eye bag feels fresher and bruised.


Tips Eliminate Eye Bags ” The content of antioxidants in tea can reduce inflammation and restore the youthfulness of the skin in the eye area, which is quite sensitive. How to eliminate dark eye bags permanently with this tea is considered quite effective.

Pour two tea bag with warm water for 2 minutes, then chill in the refrigerator and then kompreskan to the eye area which is blackened. Let stand for 10 minutes and wipe the eye area afterwards.

Aloe vera

In addition to could overcome eye bags are permanent black, aloe vera can reduce the signs of aging as well.

Apply aloe vera gel to the area of the sac eyes slowly and let sit until it dries about 8 to 10 minutes for the gel to infuse. Then rinse with cold water and repeat twice a day so that the eye bags disappear soon.

Rose Water

Rose water contains high antioxidant that can strengthen the skin cells around the eye area. How to remove eye pouch black with rose water can use two methods. With frozen or immediately pour onto a cotton pad then put around the eyes. Don’t worry, both methods are equally effective kok.


Tomato is the best natural materials to lighten the dark skin because of high content of vitamin C are quite high. In addition to whitening, tomatoes can also regenerate and rejuvenate the area around the eye bags that are experiencing the signs of aging. In addition to pasted directly into the eyes, how to remove eyebags with tomatoes also can be mixed with lemon, and place it in a cotton swab and stick it to the area around the eyes.

Baby Oil

For how to remove eye bags using baby oil, you need to put around the eye bags and then do gently massage for a few minutes. If it is, wipe it with a cotton swab and wipe with a towel or tissue.

It was he 7 ways that you can practice to remove eye bags naturally. Though how to remove eye bags naturally within 3 day’s hard to do, but with more routine care natural on top, panda eyes can be blinded slowly.

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